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Small Groups

Small Groups are a chance for you to make a deeper connection with others from the church and with God in a smaller, more intimate setting. Small groups consistently engage in prayer for one another and typically meet about 2—3 times per month at various members’ homes. We currently have 4 small groups spread all over Lancaster County!

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Serving at MCC

Beyond Meadville

Meadville Mennonite Church is affiliated with Lancaster Mennonite Conference and the LanChester district. Both our conference and our district also hold events and help keep our church connected to the worldwide body of Christ. We also provide consistent financial support and prayer to Michael and Nancy Hostetter, longtime missionaries in Chile, through Eastern Mennonite Missions. We also provide support to MCC both financially and through volunteer opportunities at MCC’s local facilities Mennonite Central Committee.

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Women's Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship typically meets every fourth Monday evening of each month at the church. It’s another opportunity to more deeply engage in fellowship opportunities with others from the church, and to deepen your faith. Be sure to check the schedule of events each week for further details regarding Women’s Fellowship meetings, as often the locations and times are subject to change.


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